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2021 March 24 - 2021 March 25

Bio360 Expo 2021

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Combining the converging worlds of biogas, biomass, waste-to-x, carbon capture and utilisation, carbon sequestration, the bioeconomy … Bio360 is an international exhihibtion providing a panoramic view of all things bio-derived.

Bio360 attracts 7000 professionals and 450 exhibitors from across 35 countries and 5 continents. It’s highly international character is further enhanced through a rich conference programme with simultaneous translation, a large panel of international speakers and international B2B business meetings, study tours to local sites of special interest, the innovation competition etc.

The event themes


Bio360 brings together both direct energy capture and new pathways to valorise differentwaste resource streams.The calorific content of numerous resources such as msw, srf, waste rubber granules, dry sludge amongst others can be converted into energy via a range of technologies including combustion, anaerobic digestion, torrefaction, pyrolysis, thermolysis, pyrogasification, hydrothermal gasification, plasma torch processes etc.  The resulting energy forms include heat, chp as well as biomethane through the methanation of syngas. Waste to fuels, roads and plastic are also new areas of waste recovery that are now coming to market.


Bio360 brings together the entire biogas sector covering the feedstock supply chain and its pretreatment, the entire process of methanisation and digestate management to energy recovery, including co/tri-generation, upgrading and methanation to biomethane and biognv fuels, CO2 capture and utilisation etc. AD and biogas represent an important diversification activity for agriculture with multiple positive benefits in terms of the environment, decarbonisation, income diversification, waste management, fertilizer management, local employment as well as for other waste management service providers handing large volumes of bio-waste streams, local municipalities and industry.


Bio360 brings together the solid biomass to energy for industry and municipality co-generation, heating as well as cooling from wood and agricultural waste streams. CO2 capture and utilisation, carbon sequestration through biochar, methanation of syngas to produce biomethane as well as other processes to produce liquid biofuels, chemicals, nutrients and other materials represent new areas and opportunities for the valorization of solid biomass.

The Bioeconomy

In the context of the global imperative to decarbonise our economic activity everywhere and to transition from a fossil-based economy to a sustainable economy, the event is broadening its “bio-horizon” to incorporate the growing themes of the bioeconomy, eg biomaterials, biochemicals and the cascading use of biomass.

A brief history

With a proven track record in bioenergy events management for over 15 years, BEES has united  the three historical exhibitions Biogaz Europe (2010-20), Bois Energie (1998-2020) and ReGen Europe (2019-2020) under the single banner Bio360 Expo where we bring it all together under one roof, under one heading with one direction… ensuring that we fully adopt a renewable, bio-sourced economy and that the fossil economy becomes a thing of the past.

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