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2019 October 29 - 2019 October 30

Nordic Energy Forum

Welcome to the Nordic Energy Forum in Helsinki

WEC Finland hosts its regional summit, the Nordic Energy Forum on October in Helsinki.

The two-day event will gather participants from all over the Baltic Sea region and beyond. The programme covers current topics of energy. The speakers and panellists include key leaders from the energy sector in the region as well as policymakers from national ministries as well as EU bodies.

Planning for the Nordic Energy Forum 2019 has begun and hopefully we’ll meet again in Helsinki.


WHAT Nordic Energy Forum is an impartial forum to highlight and solve the issues in world’s present and future energy system. It creates a unique atmosphere to address the themes of sustainable future of energy.

WHY Europe is in the midst of a severe energy system change. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to be part of the discussion and to adapt the ideas of sustainable and efficient supply and use of energy. Don’t forget the possibility to network with your colleagues.

WHO NEF gathers the most influential leaders, experts and policy makers in Nordic countries, Baltic region, Russia and Central Europe. Over 400 delegates are expected to participate the discussion.

WHERE The event is organized in Helsinki Finland. The land of warm summers and cold winters has created a unique energy cluster. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a forerunner in energy system.

More information available here: https://tapahtuma.expomark.fi/nordic-energy-forum/