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2018 December 19

Invitation: Annual Meetings 2019

The WBA General Assembly, Steering Committee and Board Meeting (BM46) will be organized in Richmond, Virginia on 1st May 2019. These will be organized as part of Study Trip USA which also include a 1-day seminar in Washington DC followed by site visits to pellet manufacturing sites.

The tentative agenda is attached below:

  • April 28 – Arrive in Washington DC
  • April 29 – Conference / seminar with U.S. policy makers and industry in Washington, DC + evening dinner
  • April 30 morning – Transfer by coach to Richmond, VA
  • May 1 – WBA Annual Meetings 2019 (Board Meeting + Steering Committee + General Assembly)
  • May 2 – Study Visits
  • May 3 – Transfer to airports for departure

A follow up study mission to Mexico is being under discussion. More information will be sent later.

Information about site visits 

  • Working forest harvest site – A visit to an active logging operation in a working forest where trained loggers are harvesting a plot of land to supply multiple forest products industries.  See the types of wood fiber that are used for the pellet industry, and logs typically sold to the sawtimber industry.  Speak with loggers about their business, forestry operations, and how they separate the wood fiber that is harvested off the plot for different markets.
  • Pellet manufacturing site – A visit to a pellet production mill.  Tour will include a view of the full process, as well as an overview of safety and fire prevention at the plant.  See the wood fiber as it is brought to the mill, stored, and then processed through the plant.  Speak with plant managers and operators about the process and safety measures.  This part of the tour usually also includes presentations and discussions on wood fiber sourcing and tracking, sustainability of US forestry practices, and biomass markets.
  • Port facility – A visit to a port facility where pellets are brought from the mill, stored in domes, and then loaded onto container ships to be exported.  Tour will include unloading of pellets and process of conveying pellets into storage domes and then onto container ship.  Speak with port facility operators about dome storage and port operations.  *Depending on schedule, container ship may or may not be at the port for loading.

To register, please click here: Link