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2017 September 19

Biomass for energy 2017

Annual International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017"



We are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Conference “Biomass for Energy 2017”, which will take place on 19-20 September 2017 in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Bioenergy in Ukraine has been stably growing. In 2015, biofuels contributed to the structure of RES with the largest share of 81.3%. The contribution of biofuels to the final energy consumption was 3.6% and their share in the total primary energy supply was 2.3%.

According to the “Biofuels & waste production” indicator, the natural gas substitution by biofuels was 3.26 billion m3 per year, and the average growth rate was 38% per year over the period of 2010-2015. According to the “Total primary energy supply from biofuels & waste” indicator, the natural gas substitution by biofuels was 2.63 billion m3 per year, and the average growth rate was 26% per year over the period of 2010-2015.

The payback period of typical projects for the natural gas substitution in private households and industry by using firewood, wood chips, wood pellets, and sunflower husk is 2-3 years.

To introduce bioenergy technologies in Ukraine widely, the following existing main problems should be solved:

Imperfect tariff system for heat energy from biomass (self-cost + 6%). It is necessary to pass the draft law № 4334 of 30.03.2016 «On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Heat Supply” on stimulation of heat energy production from alternative energy sources”. Verkhovna Rada accepted this law in the first reading on 22 September 2016. The draft law is under active preparation for the second reading.

Imperfect model of DH supply (the monopoly position of DH companies, non-competitive conditions in DH). It is necessary to establish the competitive market of heat. We find it possible and important to develop the legislative framework during 2017 and by-laws in the first half of 2018. Since February 2016, the working group of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Ukraine with the support of consultants of the MERP USAID project has been actively working on these issues.

Undeveloped market of biofuels. It is necessary to establish the domestic market of biomass and biofuels (Biofuel Exchange). The work on this issue started in 2017.

These and some other problems of the bioenergy sector and also possible solutions to them will be discussed at the Conference, which since 2002 has annually brought together about 200 national and foreign experts and has been the main annual event in the field of bioenergy in Ukraine.

Conference Chairman
Georgii Geletukha

Organizing committee:

Тel/fax: +38 (044) 453-28-56; +38 (044)  456-94-62

General issues:

Scientific Secretary:

Tetiana Zheliezna, 
Senior researcher of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,
NASU, Head of Department, SEC "Biomass"

Sponsorship and Media-partnership issues:

Oleksandra Tryboi 
PR-manager, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine