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2011 May 10

Renewable energy can meet the world energy demand

According to the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's new report, renewable energy could account for almost 80% of the world’s energy supply if backed by the right public policies a new report shows.
The six renewable energy technologies reviewed are: Bioenergy, Solar, Geothermal, Hydropower, Ocean energy and Wind.
The IPPC Panel confirm that bioenery have special conditions to solve the worlds energy- and climte problems. Bioenergy has the biggest potential and is the most economical alternative. 
12,9% of the world's energy demand came from renewable sources in 2008, whereoff 80% from bioenergy. As other renewables develop the share of bioenergy will decline, but together the renewables will increase to 80% until 2050. 

IPCC:s press release.

IPCC:s Summary for policymakers.