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2017 June 03

USA takes a step back in the inevitable global clean energy transition

The Paris Climate Agreement which was agreed upon by more than 190 countries is a single most important global treaty ever. The highly-negotiated agreement points to a universal effort by the countries to limit the global warming temperatures to less than 2 °C. It is unfortunate that the country which played a major role in the climate change negotiations has become the first country to withdraw from the agreement.

Emotions rather than facts: Unfortunately, the decision is based less on facts and scientific basis and more on emotions led by strong fossil fuel lobby. Climate change is a fact and not an opinion. The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has crossed 400 ppm for the 1st time in human history. The arctic sea ice extent is the lowest in centuries. There are increased instances of disastrous climate change impacts already visible globally. All this at a time when we are still increasing emissions and the carbon budget available is shrinking at a rapid pace.

It is a sad day for the world that the world’s largest economy and the 2nd largest greenhouse gas emitter has decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement is a mainstay for the international efforts to mitigate climate change and global warming. We call upon the various US researchers, businesses, cities and municipalities, government representatives to not stop progress and continue in their efforts to promote the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency irrespective of the decisions of the US federal government” – says Remigijus Lapinskas, President, WBA

Rest of the world takes the lead: Now is more important than ever for other countries to come together to stand by the agreement and lead the way. EU – China have already issued a statement saying that climate action and clean energy transition are an imperative more important than ever. They confirmed their commitment under the Paris Agreement and step up their cooperation to enhance its implementation. Rest of the countries including France, Fiji, Canada, UK and Marshall Islands etc. have responded showing support to the agreement

Cities and Businesses go on a renewable path: The decision has not affected the various cities, businesses, investors, states in the USA in their goal for a clean energy transition. Mayors and Governors from New York, Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh and California etc. have vowed to continue their commitment to reducing global warming. Businesses including Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Google have come out with their support to the agreement with their own plans for a 100% renewable future. The clean energy transition will happen in USA with or without the government.

Renewables are the future: It is becoming increasingly clear that a 100% renewable energy future driven by solar, wind, biomass, hydro and geothermal energies together with energy efficiency will be the future. Already, the costs of the technologies are dropping at a rapid pace, more jobs are being created in the renewables sector and cities, states, countries are already on their path towards a 100% renewable energy future. The Paris Agreement and the clean energy transition will endure. World Bioenergy Association reaffirms its support to the agreement!

Download the press release here (Doc, Pdf)

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